Community Initiatives

Turn on the news or pick up a newspaper and chances are you will find a horrific story of child sexual abuse right in your own community. We are often left feeling fearful and powerless. But, we can move from outrage into action. Prevention is the answer. 

ONE OF THE MOST PROACTIVE and pragmatic approaches to diminishing child sexual abuse is the education of responsible adults. Imagine a community where adults are actively working together to change a cultural norm – from one where child sexual abuse is shrouded in fear and denial and children are easy targets to one where every child is better protected throughout the community. Now is the time for our communities to be intentional and steadfast in their protective behaviors, so that all children can grow up healthy and whole.

A SUCCESSFUL INITIATIVE has increased awareness, sustainable funding, and ongoing education.  Although initiatives vary greatly from community to community, in our Prevent Now! model we teach and believe that successful initiatives typically include:

  • A lead organization spearheading the prevention initiative.
  • A full time paid prevention specialist at the lead organization dedicated to the success of the effort.  
  • A community coalition of professionals and other committed individuals who "make it happen." 
  • Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children training program and a network of facilitators who carry out the training.
  • An exciting and inspiring goal that can engage and motivate the community. 
  • Funding necessary to carry out and sustain the initiative. 
  • Public awareness programs including media and other special events such as Prevent-a-Thon
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Committed to Prevention

FOR THE BROADEST IMPACT, all geographical areas and demographic groups as well as all types of youth serving and other civic and community organizations should be given the opportunity to participate in the prevention training. In general, focus will be on the five core groups:

  • Schools and education (K-12 and Higher-Ed, public and private)
  • Faith centers 
  • Youth serving organizations 
  • Youth sports organizations 
  • Parents