Prevent Now! for Building Community Awareness

If you have already experienced the Darkness to Light prevention training or work in the area prevention, then you know how prevalent abuse is in our communities and that prevention training works. So why don't others seem to "get it"? The simple truth is people don't get it because they just don't know enough about the problem and what it means to everyone in a community. We can all agree that awareness is an important ingredient for success. If everyone knew what we know then more people would surely step up. Since Darkness to Light began, we have been holding Community Awareness Meetings to help people understand the issue of child sexual abuse and why they need to get involved. The results of these efforts are clear:

    • Advocacy: People are talking about the issue!
    • Training: People are asking for training!
    • Funding: People are providing financial resources and other support!
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    Community Awareness Meetings and
    Other Upcoming Events in Your Area

    To share this exciting program with you, we have developed a workshop that will teach you how to start a community-based prevention effort or how to expand your current initiative. Participants in the Prevent Now! Workshop Learn:

  • How to build awareness in your community using the Prevent Now! Community Awareness Meeting
  • How to cultivate giving, training opportunities, and get more people in your community involved in the prevention initiative
  • Strategies for successful initiatives including who you should get involved and how to get them involved

Review the Prevent Now! Workshop Agenda and watch the schedule for upcoming Prevent Now! Workshops.