Funder's Strategies

If you are a grant making organization or philanthropically support youth serving organizations, please consider these funding strategies as a way of putting prevention into action.

Require Training for Youth Serving Grantees

This strategy is simple but has a big impact. If you are a donor or grantor to youth serving organizations of any kind, you can support prevention by establishing the criteria that youth serving organizations must train their staff in prevention using Stewards of Children in order to be eligible for your gift or grant.

Most youth serving organizations know that educating their staff is important but the reality is that too often we just don't make the time for preventative measures, until it is required of us. (Remember, it took creating a law to make us wear seat belts for our own safety!) Establishing this requirement creates a very real incentive for a youth serving organization to take the time necessary to create a safer place for children. And, your generous donation does double duty - supports the youth serving organization AND helps keep children safe.

Contribute to a Community Seed Fund

The Community Seed Fund supports community-based prevention initiatives by matching funds that Facilitators raise for their local prevention initiative. Darkness to Light provides training and support to Facilitators to teach them how to create successful community initiatives using our Prevent Now! model for fundraising and community building. Facilitators that show success by raising their own funds first are then awarded matching funding to use for training materials from the Community Seed Fund. By structuring the funding in this manner, we reward initiatives that are creating their own sustainability and getting their community actively involved.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Community Seed Fund strategy.

Establish a Scholarship Fund

Too frequently the decision to educate staff and volunteers of a youth serving organization comes down to simple economics. Schools, Recreation Programs, Churches, etc often don't have dollars to spare to devote to activities like training when they might be struggling to keep the doors open and lights on. The cost of a child being abused at an organization is astronomical - the incalculable emotional cost for the child and family, the potential legal costs to the organization, and the very pricey loss of an organization's reputation, to name only a few. Despite this, our network of dedicated Facilitators all over the country hear "we just don't have the money to spend on training" every day.  The Scholarship Fund can be created to train a set number of people within a specific audience that you care about, like schools, coaches, or music instructors. Or, you may be interested in a establishing a Scholarship Fund for a specific community. We also have a general Scholarship Fund that allows us to distribute the scholarships to any type of organization in any local.  Scholarship Funds can be established in any amount and every scholarship is used for training.