Stewards of Children Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

As parents, you make choices every day to protect your kids. You cover them with sunblock in the summer to protect them from burns. You bundle them up in winter to protect them from the cold. You take them for vaccinations and pediatrician visits to ensure they grow up strong and healthy. 

But how do you protect them from sexual abuse?  You might think it can't happen in your family, town, or youth serving organizations. And that's what everyone likely thinks - until it happens.

The reality is, child sexual abuse is likely the most prevalent health problem children face, with the most serious array of consequences.

"I learned a lot about working with children on-on-one, and what to do to protect them
more - to help prevent child sexual abuse."

- Preschool Faculty Member

Child sexual abuse is an adult issue.

As adults, we are solely responsible for the safety of children. It's important to teach children how to recognize and avoid risky situations, but it's unrealistic to think that a child can fend off sexual advances by an adult. Fortunately, we can protect them - by insisting on prevention policies in our youth serving organizations, by recognizing signs of sexual abuse, and by confronting and stopping abuse if it occurs.

What is Stewards of Children?

  • A program that addresses child sexual abuse in the context of today's issues.
  • A program that features a combination of survivor stories, expert advice, and practical guidance.
  • A program that shows you how a simple, 5-step approach can protect the children you love from sexual abuse.
"I think that Stewards of Children should be given to all schools for parents, volunteers,
and staff members."

- Community Member

What will I learn from taking Stewards of Children?

  • You'll learn The 5 Steps to Protecting our ChildrenTM, and how they can be applied to keep kids safe.
  • You'll learn how a few simple actions can have far-reaching positive effects.
  • You'll leave with the understanding that child sexual abuse can be prevented, it can be stopped, and it can be overcome.

How is the Program Delivered?

Stewards of Children is available in Spanish or English versions, and can be taken either ONLINE, or in a group setting led by an Authorized Facilitator.

Facilitator-led training typically takes about 2 hours. Think about it – in just 2 hours, you’ll have the information you need to better protect every child you know. The online version of the training does not have to be completed in one sitting - you can pause anywhere in the program and pick it up later without losing your place.

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How Do I Get Started? 

Take the online version now, or search for trainings in your area.

Don't see anything on the schedule? Check the Authorized Facilitator Directory for your state to find a facilitator near you.

"I want to share this information with anyone who will listen, so everyone can be aware and come together to help stop children from being victims any longer."
- Southern Oregon University Student