What People Are Saying About Partner in Prevention

Lumpkin County School District, Georgia

“We are honored to be a Partner in Prevention and given the growing headlines of sexual abuse in schools and colleges we feel we are ahead of the game in protecting students.”
- Joni McElwaney, MSW, School Social Worker

Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry, South Carolina

“Being a Partner in Prevention means we can provide families a safe place to play in order to fulfill our mission. From summer camps to programs and field trips parents know that their children are safe to explore and learn, and that every staff member will be involved in the process of providing the safest possible environment for every child.”
- Denis
Chirles, Executive Director

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, Indiana

“We are extremely proud of our Partner in Prevention distinction. It shows children, parents/guardians, staff, and community our level of commitment in preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. Through Stewards of Children, a comprehensive sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse, our program better serves the children in our care by providing prevention training for staff.”
- Jennifer A. Brown, Assistant Manager

EMS Cadets & High School First Responder Team, Alberta, Canada

“Partner in Prevention is a benchmark that we can use to show that we are doing our due diligence to ensure our youth are safe and protected.”
- Doug Christian, Program Director

Charleston Area Senior Citizens, South Carolina

“We are pleased to stand behind the mission of D2L and want to take part in anyway we can. The 68 Foster Grandparents volunteer over 56,000 annually with at-risk children in schools and Head Starts throughout the Tri-county. We will continue to have all new volunteers go through the training so that they are aware of the problem and educated on how to respond. The background checks and minimizing opportunity are already a part of our program; so it just made sense for us to take it one step further and it means seniors have an important role in giving back, taking part in their communities .”
- Mary Chris Pittman, Foster Grandparent Program Director

Davis House Child Advocacy Center, Tennessee

“Being a Partner in Prevention means that our agency takes an active role in educating adults in our community on how to keep children safe from child sexual abuse. We want to equip every adult in our community to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.”
- Amy Baynes, Program Director

John Wesley United Methodist Church, South Carolina

“It is a symbol of pride for us to be counted amount those organizations who are so devoted to protecting and serving children in our comunity; we are proud of what we’ve accomplished and the community we’ve built here at JW around our policy and the Stewards of Children training. We want to be part of the solution; we want to be proactive and this distinction is recognition for our work and our passion.”
- Hope Murphy, Director of Children’s Ministries

Georgia Center for Child Advocacy, Georgia

“As the agency in Georgia leading the prevention initiative, we felt it important to show our community that we are committed to this issue and encourage our partners to join us in our efforts. We are proud of our commitment to keeping Georgia’s children safe through our prevention initiative.”
- Nikki Berger, LPC, Prevention Educator

Old Camp United Methodist Church, Georgia

“I feel it has made people more aware of watching for signs of child sexual abuse.  When parents see the Partner in Prevention logo I think they feel they are leaving their children in a safer environment.”
- Alice Edison, Minister to Children

Greenville County Recreation District, South Carolina

“This Partnership helps to reassure parents that we put the safety of their children first and foremost in all of our programs and we strive to ensure an environment that protects and safeguards while promoting play, recreation and friendships.  The Recreation District proudly displays the Partner in Prevention logo, decals and posters on our website, literature and facilities.  I feel very fortunate to work for an agency that is willing to go the extra mile to train staff, set up policies and contribute to the cause of preventing, recognizing and reacting responsibly to child sexua abuse.”
- Joni J. Dilworth, Program Coordinator

Northwest Passage Family Outreach Program, Wisconsin

“For me it's about raising community awareness.  For my program, families will not likely make a decision to participate based on this distinction, but if they see it noted on my materials, they may ask about it, creating a teachable moment regarding child sexual abuse prevention.  The more opportunities I have to educate other adults about prevention, the greater my opportunity to protect the innocence of children in my community.”
- Tracy Henegar, MA, CFLE